Become an ambassador for diversity!

Show us your commitment to diversity! As an ambassador for diversity, you should be aware of and value diversity categories such as nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, ideology and religion. Your organizational culture should promote social and culturalparticipation. Your activities should be innovative, sustainable and creative.


You can become an ambassador for diversity no matter whether you are a company, a sports club, a school, a cultural institution, a local initiative or something totally different. The regional label is not aimed at political parties and other groups.


The ambassadors for diversity are awarded the label that they can use on the internet and in print media. If you want to become a Diversity Ambassador you should participate in the "Conference of Diversity", which is organized once a year by the Wetteraukreis. For a period of three years, the award-winners are entitled to refer to the label in public, particularly in  publicity campaigns.


The patron of the regional label "Vielfalt Wetterau! …Region for EVERYONE!" is the first district representative Stephanie Becker-Bösch.


You and your association live diversity? Then please contact us and become an ambassador for diversity in the Wetterau!