Label "Vielfalt Wetterau! ...Region für ALLE" - (Diversity Wetterau! …Region for EVERYONE”)

The label "Vielfalt Wetterau! ...Region für ALLE” (Diversity Wetterau! …Region for EVERYONE”) is awarded to associations, organizations, initiatives and companies that are particularly committed to diversity in the Wetterau.

Many institutions in the Wetterau are aware of their responsibility to enable people to participate fully and equally in our society, regardless of their age, gender, social and ethnic origin, religion, sexual identity and orientation, physical abilities and individual lifestyle.

The regional label "Vielfalt Wetterau! ...Region für ALLE!" (Diversity Wetterau! ...Region for

EVERYONE!) is intended to promote and recognize the diversity and individuality of all its members and to see this not only as a challenge, but also as an opportunity and something that makes us richer.