Language mediators

Our goals

language mediators should contribute

- to Language barriers in the social, political and educational areas are broken down societal,

- social and cultural participation is improved

- recognition for the interpreting services that have always been provided

Who can use the offer?

Authorities Institutions, associations and initiatives as well as voluntary refugee aid facilities. If you are interested, please use our contact form

Which languages ​​are available?

We are currently in the planning stage. We are a constantly growing network, just ask us!

Who is the language pool aimed at?

Institutions, associations, authorites, day care centers, schools. The honorary language mediators of the WIR - Diversity Center are available for the institutions, associations, organizations and authorities with which the Diversity Center has made an agreement in this regard. Areas of application can be e.g. parent talks in day care centers and schools, during counseling sessions in migration advice, in sports or music clubs and much more. If you need interpreting work in your area of ​​work, please contact the WIR – Diversity Center.



Questions about use

What does the assignment cost?

The use of language mediators is free of charge for you as an association/institution/authority. The interpreters receive an expense allowance of €20 per assignment How can I claim the offer? Use our contact form for language mediators at least 3 days - but better a week before the desired assignment. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Where are assignments not possible?

Operations with the police, in court, in the health sector (still), job centers or employment agencies, at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, during working hours (e.g. as part of an employment relationship with a public authority) and those to which sworn interpreters must be appointed ex officio. expiry of the operation We will get in touch with you and you will meet the interpreter and your client at the agreed place.



Who can become a language mediator?


- You must be at least 18 years old

- Your German level must be at least B1

- Your additional language skills must be at least level B1

-  Culturally sensitive, no evidence of extremist activity, certificate of good conduct


You contact us and we will arrange an appointment for an interview. If all the requirements are met, you can take part in the next basic qualification (free of charge). After the training you are ready for your first assignments!

If your language is requested and the location is closest to you, we will contact you. If you can and want to work at the requested time, we will make an appointment. Exchange meetings with other interpreters are offered regularly.

Training and qualification

All voluntary language mediators from our language pool undergo a basic qualification. This includes 24 teaching units with the following topics:

- Introduction to interpreting Role understanding and positioning: profile of a volunteer interpreter

- Ethical working principles from the perspective of volunteer work

- Reflected handling of cultural, social, situational, emotional, non-verbal and verbal factors in interpreting situations

- Raising awareness of interpreting techniques and interpreting strategies as well as intervention and control strategies

- Specific social action strategies: empathy ability and self-protection

- Techniques for demarcation and dealing with role conflicts Introduction to interpreting assignments in the social and educational sectors

The volunteer language mediators are trained in and commit themselves in writing to certain working principles (e.g. confidentiality, impartiality and neutrality in the role of interpreter, transparency, completeness and accuracy of the translation, empathy, distance and closeness in interpreter situations, interculturally competent handling of difficult situations ).

Insurance coverage

All people involved in civic activities in Hesse generally enjoy the protection of statutory accident and liability insurance through the private framework agreements between the state of Hesse and the insurance companies.


The program in brief

The state of Hesse

- promotes qualification and use of honorary lay interpreters or language mediators

- Sets the funding guidelines

- and framework for the program

The WIR – Diversity Center

- coordinates the operations takes over the communication

- and billing with the regional council organizes qualification measures and

- Further training and supervision of the interpreters 

- is responsible for public relations and promotion of the program.

Get in contact with us

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