Support for democracy projects

A lot of initiatives, associations and committed citizens work every day for a diverse and democratic society. The funding program "Demokratie leben" ("Living Democracy") in the Wetteraukreis district provides financial support for many such projects and activities.

"Demokratie leben" supports projects and activities of associations, federations, organizations, and citizens who are planning an activity or a small project that will strengthen democracy and for which funding is lacking.

Projects and activities can be – for example – a seminar, a workshop, an artistic or cultural event, a concert and much more. You know best what would be the right concept and activity for your organization/region.

Since 2017, the Wetteraukreis has been participating as a partnership for democracy in the program "Demokratie leben!" of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. From 2020, the program will focus on promoting democracy, shaping diversity and preventing extremism.

How do I get funding for my project?

Do you have an idea?! Then contact the "Demokratie leben" coordination office in the Wetterau district - they will advise you in advance whether your idea fits into the program. If so, you can submit a short and non-bureaucratic application. The coordination office can also help you apply for funding.

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