Advice on discrimination & racism

The DEXT specialist office is a district-wide, central contact and advice center for matters relating to radicalization and the prevention of extremism. Its aim is to network all those active in the Wetterau district and to strengthen their commitment. In addition, confidential initial and referral advice is one of our main tasks. A third focus is on the needs-based coordination of training courses (also for employees in the authorities and the district administration). Your broad range of services, which is continuously being developed and expanded, is therefore initially available to all interested people in the district.

Whom can I ask?

On the subject of anti-Muslim racism People are belittled because of their religion, culture, language, skin color or their origin. Negative characteristics are ascribed not only to the Islamic religious practice, but also to those affected: backward, misogynistic, terrorist. Those affected are people of Muslim faith or who are held as such, regardless of whether they are actually religious. Detailed information about anti-Muslim racism, contact points for those affected, bystanders, active persons and materials can be found in the handout for July 1st - Day against Anti-Muslim Racism Handreichung zum 1. Juli - Tag gegen antimuslimischen Rassismus.

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