Psychosocial counselling for refugees

Many people consult professionals such as psychotherapists when difficulties arise in their lives. Some refugees also need specialist help, for example after experiencing violence or war. There are offers and centers specialized in the needs of refugees.

  • Diakonisches Werk Wetterau

The Diakonisches Werk Wetterau offers counseling to people with refugee experience who are in life crises or are threatened by or suffer from mental illness. The offer is also open to relatives, partners and other people from the social environment.

  • Psychosoziales Zentrum Mittelhessen (Central Hesse Psychosocial Center) (Giessen)

The Psychosoziale Zentrum Mittelhessen (PZM) in Gießen offers psychosocial support to people who have had to leave their home countries due to war, violence or persecution. The center sees itself as an interface and network helping various organizations to cooperate.

  • Evangelisches Beratungszentrum am Weißen Stein (Frankfurt am Main) (Protestant Counselling Center at Weißer Stein, Frankfurt am Main

The "Beratungszentrum am Weißen Stein" offers counselling, therapy and other services in different languages especially for refugees.

  • Fatra e.V. (Frankfurt am Main)

FATRA (Frankfurter Arbeitskreis Trauma und Exil e.V.) is a psychosocial counselling center for refugees and victims of torture. The counselling service is free of charge and is made possible by the support of interpreters for various languages.