Counselling for women in difficult situations

Below you will find intercultural and general information for women in difficult life situations.

Intercultural counselling and information

  • Multilingual information on women's rights

The multilingual flyer "Go your path! Your rights as a woman in Germany" informs you about some of the most important points of equal rights derived from the Grundgesetz (Basic Law) (Article 1 and Article 3.2), to which women are naturally entitled.

  • Posters about self-determination

Posters on the subject of self-determination and protection against violence for women are available in Arabic, English, French and Tigrinya. If you are interested in displaying the posters in your institution, please contact the Women and Equal Opportunities Service.

  • FIM Women's Rights

FIM e.V. is an intercultural counselling center for migrant women and their families in Frankfurt am Main. Here women in difficult situations find advice and support – it is free of charge, confidential and is available in more than ten languages.

General counselling

  • Pro Familia Friedberg

Pro Familia  offers advice on sexuality and partnerships, contraception, pregnancy, health, unwanted pregnancy, separation and divorce counselling.

Help for women suffering violence

  • Frauenhaus Wetterau (Women’s shelter)

Frauenhaus Wetterau e.V. is a refuge for physically and psychologically abused women and their children. Tel. 06031 - 15353

  • Frauen helfen Frauen (Women help women)

Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. - Counselling center for women affected by violence and their children. It advises and supports women seeking help to end a violent situation. Tel. 06031 - 166773

  • Frauen-Notruf Wetterau (Women's emergency call, Wetterau)

Women-Notruf Wetterau e.V. supports women and girls who experience violence, especially sexual and domestic violence and stalking. Tel. 06043 - 4471

  • Wildwasser Wetterau

Wildwasser Wetterau e.V. is a specialist counselling center for girls and women who were affected by sexual violence in their childhood or are affected by it now. Tel. 06031 - 64000

  • Telephone helpline in cases of violence against women

Phone: 0800 0116016

Emergency medical after aid rape

Comprehensive information is available from the ”Emergency aid after rape" coordination office in the Wetterau district of the Frauen-Notruf Wetterau e.V.

Further information about domestic violence:

The website Gewaltschutz (Protection from violence) offers information for victims of domestic violence.

The website of the Bundesverband Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauennotrufe (Federal Association of Women's Counselling Centers and Women's Emergency Hotlines, bff) in Germany provides information for victims of domestic violence throughout Germany.

Fachdienst Frauen und Chancengleichheit (Service for women and equal opportunities)

This service in the Wetterau district also offers advice and initial information.