Multilingual information about Corona

Find out more about the symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and how to protect yourself. This page gives you an overview of up-to-date information material in many different languages:

  • Information leaflets for Hesse in 12 different languages

The Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration (HMSI) provides digital infosheets on what to do in case of a Corona infection on their website - they are updated continuously.

  • Federal government information package in 23 languages

The Federal Commissioner for Integration provides a wealth of information on their website including what to do in case of an infection, how to get vaccinated and labor law regulations. In addition, there are translated speeches of the German Chancellor and the German President as well as a podcast.

  • Film sequences on AHA rules and vaccination in 10 languages

The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration is produced mini-video sequences in 10 languages explaining the AHA rules and providing more information about the Corona vaccination.

  • Information for refugees and professionals

The Federal Association of Unaccompanied Minor Refugees has compiled a comprehensive overview of Corona. It includes multilingual information for parents, daily video updates in Arabic and Farsi, advice for professionals such as social workers, online counseling services, and much more.

  • FAQs about Corona

The website Handbook Germany offers information in the form of a question and answer catalog in several languages for migrants.

  • FAQs Labor Law Corona for Migrants

The Fair Integration Project provides information on its on labor law issues that might come up during the Corona crisis. This information is available in German, English, Spanish and Arabic. The project offers extended multilingual advice by telephone and by e-mail on labor law issues against the background of the Corona pandemic.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating on the Internet in all languages, on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Some of this false information is dangerous. Please use and trust official sources.