Refugees: accommodation and social work

Accommodation in the Wetteraukreis

Refugees sent to the Wetteraukreis arrive in Friedberg. They usually spend three weeks in the district's own accommodation for newly arrived refugees. During these three weeks their  following accommodation in the Wetteraukreis is planned. Social workers take care of the newly arrived persons, who will be then transferred to new accommodation in the Wetteraukreis region.

Social work for refugees

Social work for refugees is provided by agencies who work for the Wetteraukreis or the different towns or villages in the Region. Since 1. January 2019, Regional Services Wetterau (RDW) has been managing social work in the Wetteraukreis.

Regional Services Wetterau (RDW) supports: Altenstadt, Bad Vilbel, Bad Nauheim, Büdingen, Echzell, Friedberg, Glauburg, Hirzenhain, Karben, Münzenberg, Nidda, Niddatal, Ober-Mörlen, Ortenberg, Ranstadt, Reichelsheim, Rockenberg, Wölfersheim and Wöllstadt.

The towns and villages of Butzbach, Florstadt, Gedern, Kefenrod, Limeshain and Rosbach vor der Höhe organize social workers by themselves.

Costs and responsibilities

The towns and villages in the Wetteraukreis region receive money from the local authorities of the Wetteraukreis for accommodating refugees. In turn, the Wetteraukreis receives money from the Land State of Hesse for accommodating refugees.

The Fachstelle Migration Steuerung (Unit for Migration Management) of the Wetteraukreis plans the accommodation in the Wetteraukreis and calculates the costs. It is also responsible for the supervision of the social workers within the Wetteraukreis. They help in extraordinary situations and support institutions in difficult cases. The Migration Management Unit is part of the Fachbereich Jugend und Soziales (Youth and Social Affairs Department) of the Wetteraukreis.