Documents for looking for an apartment

Here you will find a compilation of the most important information and sample texts to make your apartment search easier. List of abbreviations

If you search for apartments on the Internet or in newspapers, you will come across various abbreviations such as EBK or 2ZW. This list shows you what the abbreviations means (in German and English).

  • Templates for the application for an apartment

If you have found an interesting apartment, the next step is to contact the landlord. You can call or write him/her a message. Read here which information is important for the landlord (in German and English). You are welcome to use the two sample texts for orientation.

  • Important information before moving to a new apartment - Jobcenter

The information sheet from the Job Centre summarizes the procedure for paying the rent. Here you will find important information that you need to know before moving

  • Information about maximum rental costs payed by the job center (Mietobergrenzen)

If you are receiving services from the Jobcenter, it may also be able to assist you in paying the rent. Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterIn the overview, you can find the maximum rent (basic rent) that the job center pays. You should use these prices as a guide when looking for accommodation.

Examples: an apartment in Butzbach for a family of three people should not cost more than €440 (basic rent). An apartment in Nidda for one person should not cost more than €385 rent.