Finding an apartment

For many refugees, having their own home means that their situation improves a lot and that it becomes easier to participate in society.

General conditions

Legally, it is possible to search for a private apartment if the asylum procedure is completed with a positive result (granting of a residence permit). Some refugees have already found a job at this point and can pay the rent themselves, while others are still supported by the Jobcenter. Unfortunately, finding accommodation is very difficult for many reasons such as high rents, poor German language skills, or prejudices of landlords).

Service of the housing coordinator

In the Wetterau district, the housing coordinator therefore provides support in finding accommodation.

All important documents for searching for an apartmant, for downloading

  • Advice for refugees who live in collective accommodation and are looking for somewhere to live
  • Advice for landlords and volunteers on general conditions and general questions concerning housing
  • Mediation between landlords, refugees and authorities
  • Networking with the municipalities, job centers, housing cooperatives, etc.
  • Empowering refugees to search for accommodation independently
  • Support in establishing contact with landlords in individual cases

Service for landlords* and other interested people

  • Do you have an apartment to offer in the Wetterau district that you would like to rent out to single people or families with a refugee background?

  • Or are you looking for a new resident for your shared flat and would like to get to know someone from a different cultural background?

  • We can contact you with people looking for accommodation and arrange an appointment to get to know each other. Of course, the decision about whom you rent to remains with you.

  • We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure, rent ceilings, cost absorption by the job center, condition of the apartment, etc.