Becoming a German citizen

There are many reasons to become a German Citizen. For example, if you are German, you can vote and be elected, work without restrictions and freely choose your place of residence within the European Union (EU). With a German passport you also enter many countries of the world without a visa.


If you want to become a German, you must meet a number of requirements, which you can read about on the website "Hessen und ich – das PASST". In the naturalization section the Wetteraukreis provides information on which original documents are required for applying. There you can also download important forms directly.

Citizenship test

In order to become a citizen, you must pass de citizenship test (Einbürgerungstest). This test consists of 310 questions and can be practiced in advance. For a first impression, you can try out sample questionnaire as a specimen of the naturalization test. You can also use the questionnaire with all 310 questions of the citizenship test online.

Contact information

Find the contact person responsible for you online with the responsibility finder!

Further information

The Land of Hesse (Land Hessen) also provides information on a website with its campaign "Hessen und ich – das PASST“ on the subject of becoming a citizen.