Children from the age of six have to go to school. School registration takes place in March/April of the year before the child starts school. At this point, parents receive detailed advice on how to support their children. The registration is accompanied by a school medical examination offered by the relevant health office (Gesundheitsamt).

You can find further information about school on the website of the Hessian school authorities (Schulämter). Normally, pupils attend the primary school nearest to their home. You can find out which primary school is responsible for which place of residence from the local residents' registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) or the state education authority (staatliches Schulamt).

  • Secondary school

From the 5th grade onwards, children go to a secondary school. An overview of general education schools as well as vocational schools (by location) can be found on the website of the Wetteraukreis. The Hessian Ministry of Education provides a four-minute explanatory film about the Hessian school system. It is available in German, English, French and Arabic.

  • Schoolchildren with little knowledge of German

Primary schools offer preparatory courses for children who do not have sufficient German language skills when they are registered for school.

The Aufnahme- und Beratungszentrum (ABZ, Reception and Advice Centre) of the State School authority in Bad Vilbel is the central contact point for schoolchildren with little or no knowledge of German. This is where the language skills and learning level of school-age children are assessed and the children are placed at a suitable school.

Integration classes offer special support for immigrant children at general schools in Hesse. These language support classes last a maximum of 1 to 2 years, after which the children join regular classes. At vocational schools, InteA ("integration through connection and graduation") classes are open to entrants aged 16 to 18. Further information is available from the ABZ.

For new immigrants who are no longer legally required to attend school, voluntary language support programs are available. You can find further information here.