Other language courses

In almost all towns and villages in the Wetterau district, there are other language courses in addition to the integration courses. The language courses listed here are only examples and do not show all the existing courses and providers in the Wetteraukreis.

Easy basic German courses

  • German 4U courses

Easy basic German courses sponsored by the State of Hesse can be attended by all refugees no matter which legal status they have. They consist of 300 teaching units, childcare is available, but travel expenses are not reimbursed. The courses are coordinated in the towns and villages of the Wetteraukreis. About the German 4U Program

Currently, 4U courses are taking place in some municipalities in the district and more are being planned. Further courses in other municipalities are still possible. They have to be coordinated locally (finding participants, finding space, etc.).

The contact person for the German 4U courses is Bettina Hendler, tel.: 06031 7176-13; e-mail

Courses especially for women

  • Ankommen in der Wetterau ("Arriving in the Wetterau")

Easy basic German courses at the FAB with integrated childcare and for refugee women. The places are quickly booked out! Information is available at the Integration Point Wetterau, at the FAB or the Jobcenter.

  • Kompetenzen zeigen - Sprache lernen ("Show your skill - learn a language")

 "Kompetenz zeigen – Sprache lernen" is a language course offered by the FAB, which is especially aimed at women with a migration background.

Courses at other language levels

Various providers in the Wetteraukreis region offer language courses at different levels. At the FAB, the IB and the VHS, courses are available from level A1 to C1 in some cases.

Job-related language courses

The FAB also offers job-related language courses (ESF-BAMF program). These courses provide intensive language training for work, practical training and an integrated internship.

The job-related promotion of the German language (DeuFöV) is aimed at people with a migrant background who receive unemployment benefit I or II, can demonstrate German language skills at B1 level and are aiming for an even higher language level. For example, so that foreign professional qualifications can be recognized, or if participants have to achieve a certain language level for a particular profession. These courses are offered, for example, by the FAB and the Internationaler Bund.