Learn german by yourself

Learn German by yourself

You can also learn German by yourself and use different online-information. Mostly, there are for free.

  • Goethe Institute

The Goethe-Institut presents language learning materials on its website. The information includes self-study offers (online courses and programs for smartphones) as well as practice materials for language tests at different levels.

  • Portal-Deutsch

The portal Deutsch of the German adult education centers (Volkshochschulen) is aimed at both learners and teachers. Here you will find free self-study materials, from literacy and basic language education to preparation for more in-depth knowledge.

  • Ich-will-lernen.de

The website of the German Adult Education Centre Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband) gives beginners and advanced learners the possibily to learn German.

  • Deutsche Welle

The broadcaster Deutsche Welle offers a lot of material for learning German. In addition, it has language courses and various online course offers which are suitable even for beginners. Many of them are free of charge and are also aimed at teachers.

  • Start reading for refugee children

Nationwide support programs help refugees learn German, such as the Lesestart programme for refugee children.

  • Fadaf - Professional Association for German as a Foreign and Second Language

The professional association promotes the learning of the German language and intercultural meetings. Interested people are supported by publications, the promotion of scientific exchange and by offers of education events.

  • Language learning materials for volunteer course leaders

Many publishers in the German-speaking world have specialized in the development and distribution of materials for teaching German as a foreign language. Exercise and work books can be bought from bookstores or the online shops of the publishers. In addition, many publishers offer free information and exercise materials for downloading via their websites.

the offers presented here are examples and are only a selection of possibilities for learning German by yourself.