Early education - day care centers (Kitas)

Early education is very important for the development of a child. Early encouragement of social, linguistic and other skills is crucial for participation, further education and later working life.

In addition to the family environment, early childhood education takes place primarily in the day care centers (Kitas). In Germany, every child over the age of one has the legal right to go to a day care center (Kita) or a day nursery. The costs are subsidized by the state. This applies to all children, whether they come from abroad or were born here.

For more information, please visit the page of the Wetteraukreis family support office.

Early education for children from immigrant families gives them the chance to learn German at an early age and handle their new social and cultural environment.
The registration for pre-school childcare is the same for all families: parents register at the town hall or the municipal office at their place of residence.

On the Wetteraukreis web portal an overview of day-care facilitiesrun by independent bodies or the municipality (by location) can be found.