4. Wetterauer Diversity Tag 2019

Region für alle! Fit für die Zukunft!?

4th Wetterau Diversity Day 2019: Region for all! Ready for the future!?

In 2019 the Wetteraukreis district took part in the German Diversity Day for the fourth time in succession. Under the slogan "Region for all! Ready for the Future!?", the focus was on the major topics of the future: democracy, digitalization, demography, diversity and sustainability. The aim of the day was to show that these far-reaching issues are interrelated and cannot be viewed in isolation from local administration.

How does a modern administration meet these challenges, and what do democracy, digitalization, demography, diversity and sustainability mean for a region like the Wetterau district? An exhibition in the main hall of the district administration building presented different perspectives on these questions.

Maps showed the regional diversity in food and the local cycle paths, people could provide information about their voluntary work, and there was an interactive way of learning more about diversity management. Christian Mapalla from the company “third culture movement” asked in his keynote speech how the mission of a public administration, namely to create stability and reliability, to guarantee professionalism and to ensure constitutional action, can be achieved in such an environment. The interactive quiz "Ready for the future. Quiz and survey for you with your smartphone" was about future topics of voluntary work, traveling to work, mealworm burgers, the Wetterau in 2050, the sustainability of your own behavior, and getting off your smartphone. The Senior Citizens' Advisory Board presented its program and Nabu gave a talk on the life of bats, and it became clear that everything is connected to everything else. The organizational team hoped that the wide range of topics would stimulate new ideas and give the employees and guests from the region many incentives to take action.