"Old or young? – Generations and age"

German Diversity Day 2018 in the Wetterau district

This year, the Wetteraukreis took part in the nationwide Diversity Day for the third time as a signatory of the "Charta of Diversity." The focus was on the diversity dimension "age."

A wide range of activities and information on the topics of "age" and "diversity" were designed to encourage reflection and discussion: In the photo box, employees were able to have their pictures taken together with attribute cards on the subject of age, and maps offered an opportunity to pinpoint their own home or origin. An action trail offered three interactive stations in the categories of physical impairment, sensory impairment and cultural background. In addition, a quiz gave employees an opportunity to test their knowledge on the subject of old age and, with the help of an ageing app, to see what they might look like in the distant future.

In keeping with tradition, flags for diversity, democracy, respect and humanity were again hoisted in front of the district hall. The Diversity Day was also accompanied by a themed week in the canteen, where employees could suggest typical dishes from their childhood or background. An online recipe book will be created from the dishes submitted. Last but not least, the photo exhibition "Faces of the Wetterau" will be on display over the summer in the district administration