Diversity Day 2016

When the Wetteraukreis took part in the German Diversity Day for the first time in 2016, many offices of the district administration joined forces to bring the topic of diversity closer to their colleagues. Those involved included the Integration Officer, the Disability Officer, the employer’s council, the office for women and equal opportunities, the WIR Coordinator and many other offices within the local administration.

Small-scale activities were held to make the contents of the Charta of Diversity more widely known and highlight the topic of diversity. For example, barriers marked with various diversity dimensions such as age, gender or disability were set up in the entrance area to sensitize employees to barriers that are not always visible. This also clarified the common goal of removing obstacles in order to enable everybody to participate equally in social life.

Employees were able to make a statement for diversity in the district administration on floor newspapers, e.g. with colored handprints or by taking part in a small survey.

The Diversity Day was accompanied by an action theatre group from the Galli Theatre in Frankfurt. Dressed in animal costumes, with a lot of humor and creative ideas, the actors tried to draw attention to the topic and to get into conversation with the employees about diversity.