Charta des Willkommens (Charta of Welcome)

Welcome to FrankfurtRhineMain

FrankfurtRhineMain is one of the strongest economic regions in Germany and Europe, but demographic change is also becoming increasingly noticeable here. The effects are still manageable, but the competition for skilled workers between the regions in Germany, Europe and around the world will increase. It is therefore essential to counteract the effects of demographic change at an early stage and to recruit, attract and retain skilled workers both nationally and internationally.

With the project and the "Welcome to FrankfurtRhineMain" welcome strategy developed in the process, the FrankfurtRhineMain metropolitan region will strengthen and expand its culture of welcome. The aim is to create a tangible atmosphere of welcome in society, companies and local authorities, because people will find a home in the region in the long term only if they feel welcomed and accepted in their professional and private lives.

To this end, the FrankfurtRhineMain Regional Association is implementing a range of measures together with partners from various areas of the metropolitan region. The focus here is on securing skilled workers in middle-income professions. In contrast to well-paid professionals, who are already in demand on an international labor market with suitable personnel instruments and contractual incentives, major challenges still exist in finding and retaining skilled workers in other professions.

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