WIR Diversity Center

Since 2014, the Hessian state government has been promoting innovative projects with the state program "WIR" to improve the opportunities for immigrants to participate. In 2020, the funding guidelines were extensively further developed and a higher budget made available. In the Wetterau district, too, the previous positions of WIR coordination and WIR case management for refugees have now been bundled into the WIR diversity center from 2021. This bundling goes among other things. associated with increased funding opportunities. In this way, the partnership between the state and the municipalities is to be strengthened and further expanded.

Tasks of the WIR Diversity Center

The aim of the work is to give citizens equal access to the offers of the district administration. This also means that the composition of the district administration reflects the diversity of the Wetterau society and adapts it into its actions. For the Wetteraukreis, intercultural opening and diversity management are great resources and important to make the administration innovative, effective and future-proof. The Wetteraukreis reinvorced this position by signing the Diversity Charter. Furthermore, WIR coordination and its network gives advises for civil society, associations, organizations and companies for the development and implementation of intercultural opening.

The Culture of Welcome and Recognition

The integration of newly immigrated people is a great social challenge and opportunity. In addition to administration, social organization and companies, volunteers play a particularly and important role. The interface between administration and volunteer work, the cooperation and dialogue between - both sides needs to be strengthened. WIR coordination offers the contact for volunteers or those who are interested in volunteering, e.g. B. for (new) immigrants with and without refugee experience. Concepts of a socio-spatial welcome and recognition culture are developed and implemented. Targeted projects are intended to strengthen the civic engagement of people with a migration background. It is also an important task to provide information about the diverse offers of the municipalities for people who are new in the Wetteraukreis and want to work for diversity.

WIR supports:

  • innovative integration and participation projects with project financing for up to 3 years
  • Professionalization of migrant self-organizations through a micro-project lasting up to 2 years with a mini-job filled by the organization

And much more! If you have any questions, ideas or are interested, please give us a call and we will consider together how a cooperation can look like! The detailed information and conditions can be found here in the funding guidelines and on the website of the Ministry for Integration and Social Affairs Hesse.  Förderrichtlinien / Webseite des Ministeriums für Integration und Soziales Hessen.

WIR - Koordination Interkulturelle Öffnung

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